Safety & Accessibility

Guests who use wheelchairs
We are committed to providing guests with the best tour experience so we recently introduced a new Harbour Hopper which is capable of accommodating one wheelchair user per tour. To ensure the schedule reflects the additional time required to load and unload, and that properly trained staff are scheduled for the tour, we require guests who require the service to provide us with 24 hours notice. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding accessibility on the Harbour Hopper at 902-490-8687.

Sun Safety | Unpredictable Weather
We encourage all passengers to be sun-safe and apply sun protection, bring along a light layer (jacket, sweater), and a hat before traveling on the Harbour Hopper Tour, especially on days when our Harbour Hopper tops are retracted. We love when the sun is out and shining but to some passengers, it can make the journey a little less comfortable.

Safety is our Number One priority at Ambassatours Gray Line and Harbour Hopper Tours.
Please take a moment to watch this Harbour Hopper Safety video to learn how we put the safety of our guests, and our team, FIRST!